Corona/Covid-19 Vs IT Sector

Corona outbreak is the most dangerous and widely spread disease in the world. There are more infectious people. Other than that now there are about 60000 deaths reported in this situation. This is spreading because of the companionship of the groups of people. Because of that most of the offices had closed. That has been done in order to minimize the spreading of diseases. As a solution to the above problem, the work from home module had come forward. For that work, the IT sector has to be involved. So we can conclude that the IT sector is the only field that is involved in this outbreak. During this period the IT field shows great performance on its own. Before this season most of the people didn’t use this field. Now they have to work in that field. 

Actually we can’t predict when this outbreak will finish. But there may be many problems that can occur because of the COVID 19 outbreak. Also, there are many fields affected by the above disease. Some of those fields are as follows. 

Potential losers due to the COVID 19 

  • Educational fields 
  • Tourism industries 
  • Financial services 
  • Manufacturing goods including the cloths 
  • Constructions
  • Automotive 
  • Aviation 

Think that the day that will stop the spreading of the corona disease. What will happen on that day? In the above, I told you that the fields caused deteriorating because of the corona outbreak. Also, there are some fields that will be benefitted from this outbreak. What are those? We will see them. And as well as that the IT sector is at the top of that list. 

You can see them by the following. Those are,

Potential winners due to this COVID 19

  • IT field 
  • Health sector 
  • Food processing and retail 
  • E-commerce 
  • Agriculture 

In this season the IT field shows a great improvement in their capability. Also, it shows other things with others. We can say definitely the IT field will hang around after the outbreak too. Because there are signs of development. Then we will discuss what are the involvements of the IT field. But we can see it everywhere. Some of them are as follows. 

Involvement of IT

  • Internet banking facilities 
  • Buying and selling processes 
  • Work from home modules 
  • Online support of the companies 

Those are the signs that show the development of most important fields via the information technology sector.

Internet banking facilities 

   You know that we need many services from the banks. With the help of the IT sector, the activities of the bank become your home. The above invention existed previously for this outbreak. But the popularity of Internet banking came with the COVID 19 outbreak. And now the new apps related to the banking facilities are even invented. 

  According to the above details, we can conclude that the IT field is the only field that hangs up after this pandemic. 

Buying and selling processes 

   This process even has to be done with the help of the IT sector. Most of them are doing it with the help of social media. However, that is even a new trend in the information technology field. In the future, even you will work with that facility. I mean the time after the corona outbreak. 

 Even with the above details, we can conclude that the IT field is the only sector that will hang up after the pandemic. 

Work from home modules 

   Now there are many companies that perform their work online. That will happen according to medical advice. That is even a new opportunity for the IT sector. That is an effective method to earn income. Other than that the works will be finished correctly and cost-effective even. 

  From these details even we can understand the IT sector is the only sector that will hang up during the corona outbreak and after it. 

Online support of the companies. 

   Before this disaster people practiced visiting the offices for their activities. But now it has changed. Because there are agents for supporting you. That is with the IT sector even. Now you need not worry. You can perform your activities online. Also, it will be a quick method to resolve your problem. The safest way is according to medical advice. 

   As the above details, the above paragraph depicts the impact of the IT sector on the development of the above fields. And it will be the best solution to the problems that occur in the future.

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