Corona Virus / Covid-19

This is the most dangerous existing viral disease that is spreading worldwide. In this situation there are approximately over 7 lakh of infectious people. Also the current deaths from the Covid – 19 more than 32,000. Many countries around the world had to face this threat including China, Italy, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Spain, Sri Lanka, Australia and India too. Until now there is no specific curing method for the Corona virus. Scientists, specialties and the most capable doctors are trying continuously to find a solution. We all expect a quick solution to this threat. 

    The starting point of the corona virus is the Hubei region of China. In China, in the last weeks the disease spread very severely. As for the minimization of the disease, the government of China locked-down regions of the country. Now China has reduced the diseased patients and the spreading disease very successfully. Even there are many hospitals made up for the patients of China. Now even the hospitals are closed. We think that is the luck of China. Because they have minimized the disease. 

Powerful countries are now down

By the way, the situation in other countries is worse than in China. Example of Italy. Now there is a serious situation in Italy. The doctors are trying their best to rescue the lives of the people. In many situations they have succeeded in their attempts. But sometimes they have failed with the loss of their own lives too. We can only pray for these people worldwide. 

  After that the next country that has severe damage with the influence of the Covid 19 outbreak is the United States of America. Now America has become the Middle point of the spread of disease. With this critical condition the World Health Organization had announced disastrous conditions worldwide. So the heads of all the countries, doctors, nurses and other all people contribute their service towards the country. Sometimes they have sacrificed their lives even. 

  As an individual, we have to do the respective service to the country for the well being of the country, our family members, our neighbors, and all other people. If you can follow the following points you will be an honor and best individual for your country.

If your country has been locked down, and if going out has been prohibited, stay in your place. That is the most needed thing to minimize the diseased condition that is spreading everywhere. 

Apart from that,

Precautions to take in this condition 

  • Wash your hands 
    • You can use soap for that purpose. Also alcohol-based cleaning agents can even be used as an alternative for the cleaning. Wash for 20 seconds. 
  • Maintain the distancing with other people 
    • At least keep a distance of meter with the others. If the other person is feeling cold and sneezing you would not get attacked by their droplets from their nose and mouth. 
  • Don’t touch your face with unwashed hands 
    • If your hands are dirty, there may be germs attached to the hands. Also the virus. If you touch your face with your hands, the virus can enter the body easily. 
  • Take medical advice if you have a fever, cold or breathing difficulties 
    • Only a doctor can understand your condition. Therefore it is better to ask a doctor. 
  • Stay where are you in accordance with the advice given 
    • You have to follow the guides that have been given by the government. It is your responsibility. 

Many lives can be decided with one action of yours. So as an individual do your responsibility for us all. Even pray for the world to get rid of Covid 19 outbreak quickly.  Click here to get more info. Also, Click here to visit World’s Health Organization.

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