Unique content for adsense site

You are on the journey to earn from Google Adsense and here we are going to talk about the first step that we have mentioned in our last post Earn with your own Adsense website.

Why Unique Content?

Google’s advice is, create content that is useful and important to worldwide web users but not only to get Adsense approval. Google algorithms are really smarter than you think. It can notice whether your web site is really worthy of its users or not. So, to be on the safer side, we should create our web site which contains unique, valuable and useful content for its users. You won’t be able to get the Adsense approval if you got copied content or copyright images. Therefore, we should create unique content that is not already available on the web. Since we are into Adsense, make up your mind now to brainstorm new unique ideas.


Now you know the importance of using unique content on your website. So, you need to brainstorm to select a good topic.


Take a paper and write down all the ideas that come into your mind. Do not filter based on any criteria. Just jot down all the ideas/topics that come into you. Then, let’s try to identify the niches/areas that each of these topics relates to. Write down the niche in front of each topic. Now you got a nice list of topics that come from different niches/areas.

Selecting your Niche: Think about your Interest and Skill

Select your niche based on interest and skills

Now we got a long list of topics and niches. You can’t use all these topics to create your web site. It is a must to select one or two topics from the list and focus on those only. Before select your topics & niche, I advise you to ask below two questions from yourself.

  1. What is my interest?
  2. What am I skilled in?

I guess you got answers to the above questions. Now select your Website topic and niche accordingly. This is a must. This step is the most important one in your Adsense journey. Everything starts with your content and continues. So, start brainstorming and select a topic based on your interest, experience and skills. Let’s talk more about the niches and micro niches in next article.

Please give your suggestions and comments regarding this post series. We welcome your ideas. It motivates our writers to wrtie more and give more bonus articles too.

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