A Little Intro to Google Adsense

Adsense? Have you ever heard the word?
If no, keep in touch with Zappy help to learn from the beginning and earn some.
If yes, Still stay with us. you will get to know more about AdSense and figure out a way to maximize your monthly AdSense income.

Little Background

Google AdSense was started around 2003 and from then, it has evolved. You know, the worldwide web made of millions of websites and other internet resources. World wide web is the world’s top information provider for the last few decades to now. Therefore, quality content is a must for the worldwide web. Basically, what google AdSense does is rewarding the quality content with there Ad program. It means, if someone owns a website which is really unique, informative and trustworthy, Most probably site owner will get paid.

How Google Adsense pays you?

The simple process is like below.

How Google Adsense Works
How Google Adsense Works
  • Advertisers provide Ads to google.
  • Google publishes those Ads on the websites which are a part of the Google AdSense program.
  • Publishers( Web Site Owners ) will get paid for the Ads appear on the site ( Clicks from Site Traffic ). Normally, Ad publisher/web site owner will get 68% of click cost per Ad.
  • Publishers ( Web Site Owners ) get their payments monthly from google to their Adsense account and from there to Bank.

Where to start?

You need to start from the beginning and it should be the correct and proper way too. Therefore, keep in touch with zappy help.

How to start Adsense Web site
How to start from the beginning
  1. You need to be an owner of your own web site.
    • Having a unique idea for the web site
    • Identify a field/stack/niche that you are skilled and interested in
  2. Start creating your website using WordPress.
    • Buying a Host
    • Buying a domain
    • Select a suitable theme for your site
    • Do all the necessary configurations, modifications, changes which adhere to google Adsense policies and guidelines
    • Write at least 20-30 posts which are very unique and own ideas
  3. Apply for Google Adsense and wait
  4. Do on-page SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )
  5. Do off-page SEO
    • Create web 2.0 links
    • Create more and more necessary backlinks to the site which are reliable and trustworthy
  6. Maintain your site

Zappy Help is going to help you to achieve your Adsense dream true. We are going to come up with a series of simple and informative posts about how to start your own web site and make a passive income by Adsense.

Do you have any suggestions? Are you interested in this kind of post series? Please let us know by a comment below. It will motivate zappy help team to write more and give more bonus posts for the audience. Bookmark zappyhelp.com and make sure to have a look daily.

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