Secret 7 Benefitted Features of the Credit Cards

This can be known as a good and better financial method. As well as that this is an easy method of transactions. When we are applying for a credit card we only consider the annual fee. If there are more benefits certainly you will apply for that card. Not only the annual fee but also there are some more benefits through the credit cards. After reading this definitely, you have to consider these following points. 

Now we will see those points. See below for the 7 benefited features of credit cards. 

Reward points facility

I think you have some rough idea about this. How can you get such reward points??? These can be gained by your transactions via credit card. It is such as you can earn one point from a transaction about Rs. 100. You can get those reward points by contacting your credit card provider. 

0% installment plans 

0% installment plans

This benefit offered only for some certain selected products. You know that the credit card interest is at a very high level. This plan is a solution to that. Through this facility you can pay, you can do your payments as installments. You want to buy something, unfortunately, you don’t have money. That is not the case. You can do it easily with the credit card. 

Balance transfer facility

This means you can get another credit card except for your present credit card. That is very useful when you are stuck in more amounts. Then you can move that into the installments. Then you can pay a lower interest rate too.

Free travel facility.  

I know that you are puzzled by the word insurance. You think that this is not related to the credit cards. But these credit cards are offering travel insurance too. Therefore you need not have separate travel insurance. Even credit card offers overseas travel insurance. Now you can see how important these credit cards.

New installment plan

Sometimes you don’t know this offer. You can pay through credit cards from the installments. You can even buy a thing from a place that doesn’t support the installments using a credit card. You can select the installments as you wish. The interest rate may differ.

Cash Back rewards

You can have this facility according to the transaction made by your credit card. You will get cashback on the payments for the selected merchants. The merchants depend on the credit card provider. With the transaction, you will get a percentage of the money you spent.

Credit Card Cash Back

Advance from the credit card

you can have an idea about this is a loan. Yes, you can take a loan from your credit card. There are an extra charge and an interest rate for the loan. 

Now I  have come to the end of this. I think I told you more beneficial details that you have to know before using a credit card. Sometimes you don’t know these things but you are using a credit card. 

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